Bill Walton, Founder & Partner

Bill Walton is a global thought leader, coach, author, and speaker on business and biblical success principles. His work has impacted thousands of financial and business leaders, multi-billion dollar corporations, professional athletes, and the foremost leaders in Christian leadership and business. He has an international influence reaching across the U.S. and to five continents.

Bill has founded and grown many successful businesses and currently owns and partners in 20 diverse businesses, many of which he serves as the CEO. Bill, along with his wife Nathalie, founded a nonprofit called EnReturn that focuses on rescuing children from sex trafficking as well as helping single moms.

In the financial services industry, his firms have grown faster in a few years than most have grown in decades. He and his partner’s firms currently oversee and advise on over $1 billion in assets, as well as billions more in businesses and real estate. Because of Bill’s leadership and outstanding accomplishments, he has been featured in Fox Business, Forbes, S&P 500 television, and Fox Business online and he is the co-host of the Accelerated Wealth Radio Show.

Bill is the author of Creating Your Best Life and founder of, both which provide tools and resources for Christians who are ready to create and experience God’s best for their lives. Even as a business owner since age 23, Bill has served from senior and executive pastor roles to youth, worship, and family pastor in various local churches. As a Kingdom entrepreneur, he continues to carry the mantle of “pastor” in the marketplace on a mission from God to help Christians discover the keys to biblical success.

Bill sits on the Board of the Joseph Business School, founded by his friend and mentor, Dr. Bill Winston. He has shared the stage with leading voices in the business and church community including Dr. Winston, Dr. Sam Chand, and Dr. Caroline Leaf. Bishop David Oyedepo, one of the most influential pastors in Nigeria and the world, and founder of Faith Tabernacle which has weekly attendance of 555,000 people has mentored and spoken into his life for years, including through his son Pastor Isaac Segun-Abugan mentoring him on a monthly basis. Bill has invested more than two decades of research and study to discover both the natural and the supernatural keys of success that transform lives and businesses. He is widely regarded for his dynamic communication skills and is a sought-after keynote speaker on spiritual and financial matters for business and ministry conferences. As a speaker and coach, he can help any individual hungering for God’s best to begin creating their best life and find true fulfillment through the Creating Your Best Life framework.

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