Joy in the Journey. Confidence in the Destination.

Canaanside Wealth Partners is a joint venture founded by 5 financial services professionals that share a common passion to bring faith into the financial planning industry. Every financial advisor has a “promised land.” The mission of our team is to learn from our future partners about their promised land, the obstacles in their way, and join them in the journey to the other side of the river of obstacles until they have reached that promised land…Canaanside.

If you approach your career like a calling, if you see yourself as much a steward as an advisor, if you feel more love for your clients than obligation, you belong with us. We offer support for the journey: A like-minded community of passionate finance professionals, partners who believe that business growth starts with personal growth, and a dedicated, professional shared services team to help you delight your clients and grow your influence exponentially.

RIAs and IRAs who value Christian principles and the autonomy to serve their clients with intelligence, creativity, and wisdom will find no better place to thrive than Canaanside.

Canaanside Wealth Partners Christian Principles Financial Planning Advisors

Our Vision

Financial Advisors prioritizing their faith when making career choices.

Our Mission

To provide Christian financial advisors multiple paths to merge or sell their businesses into a partnership of like-minded individuals, while also providing an environment for them to grow as people. By having career and succession plans in the fee-only, hybrid, and broker-dealer space, our partners have the opportunity to prioritize their faith while making the most critical career choices.

Our Values

  • Make it personal
  • Relentlessly Seek Improvement
  • Honesty before Harmony
  • Others Focused
  • Be a Life Giver

Our Paths

We have been involved in M&A for many years, and what has always been perplexing to us is how people make such important decisions as it relates to where they are going to grow in their career, or who they will trust to continue the stewardship of their clients. We met advisor after advisor that begun their search based on tactical items such as asset management framework, technology framework, fee-structure, or custody relationships. It was our contention that decisions as critical as these must begin with what matters to us most. If we could create multiple paths that meet different tactical options, but have the most important thing in common, then we could create a new home for financial professionals and a partnership of like-minded individuals capable of making a bigger difference in our world.


Canaanside Wealth Partners has ownership interest in multiple financial planning companies. These companies represent 3 different paths for Christian advisors to either merge into, or to sell to. This allows future team advisors to choose one of three paths to build their career or to sell their business to:

  • A hybrid investment/insurance financial planning business
  • A hybrid investment/insurance financial planning business with a broker-dealer affiliation
  • A fee-only financial planning business

We partner with RIAs and IRAs who value Christian principles and community, insist on the autonomy required to serve their clients with complete conviction, and want to open the M&A conversation by discussing values before tactics.


Our Value Proposition

Cannanside Wealth Partners has created numerous succession or career paths for values-first professionals in the financial advisory space. Canaanside Wealth Partners offers Registered Investment Advisors and Investment Advisor Representatives all the structure they need to grow and all the freedom they need to thrive. Our configurable approach to mergers and acquisitions gives RIAs/IARs the opportunity to realize the value of the business they’ve already built while retaining an interest in the growth still to come. And for those that are looking to exit the business, CWP has the proven systems and experience to ensure that the transition of the stewardship of your clients is done with excellence.

Our Value

Canaanside Wealth Partners is an investor in multiple RIAs, creating different career and succession paths for Christian financial planners. The value system of each RIA is the same, but the business models are different, which allows our advisors the opportunity to prioritize what matters most to them: expressing their Christian value system within their business.

Our partnership model exists to supply you with 4 key benefits:

  • Providing capital support and proven marketing strategies to create new organic and inorganic growth opportunities.
  • Predictable succession planning, maximizing the value of your business through force-multiplication.
  • A training and development system that will make you a better professional, spouse, and parent.
  • A working environment for you and your family to encounter God through prayer, worship, and bi-annual retreats to express your faith with other like-minded financial advisors.
  • Family Training

    Annual events for you and your family to attend with training in spiritual, marriage, and parenting development.

  • Growth through M&A

    Providing capital and lead generation for our partners to grow through the M&A channel.

  • Organic Marketing Strategies

    Creating proven marketing strategies rooted in organizational/industrial psychology focusing on 5 different marketing channels to develop new client acquisition.

  • Financial Planning

    Integrating with a team of Christian Financial Advisors with decades of experience in many planning areas.

  • Asset Management

    Choosing from 3 different asset management philosophies and platforms, giving you the tools that you need to build the plans that you and your clients will find peace in.

  • Operational Support

    Receive support through the platforms of our different RIA partners.

  • Professional Training

    Assistance in building plans to advance your career through new certifications, licensing, and Master’s Degrees.

  • Personal Training

    Making you a more equipped professional and person through soft-skills training systems such as personality preference, emotional intelligence, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, conflict management, and negotiation.

  • Private Equity Opportunities

    As a planning solution for low capital market assumptions in the publicly traded markets, in helping diversify client portfolios.

  • Giving Platforms

    Platforms to collectively be the “hands and feet” in areas impacting our world such as trafficking, orphan and widow care, spreading of the gospel, and the planting of churches.

Our Team

Founder & CEO

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Canaanside Wealth Partners Financial Advisors Colorado Springs Jon Forbes

Founder & Partner

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Canaanside Wealth Partners Financial Advisors Colorado Springs Dave Forbes

Founder & Partner

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Canaanside Wealth Partners Financial Advisors Colorado Springs Bill Walton

Founder & Partner

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Our Future

Canaanside Wealth Partners creates stability within your practice, allowing generational possibilities for the business and families we serve. Canaanside is here to help advisors cross difficult rivers, forge new friendships, and build plans that become abundant futures.

If you feel a calling to be part of an intentional community of advisors, we invite you to join us. Knowing who you can trust for community, advice, and when the time is right, succession. It’s fast, and we’ll show you what a difference it makes to feel bound to a community of like minded advisors. All with one goal in mind, to reach the promise land.

We are humbly bound together, confidently bound for abundance.

Canaanside Wealth Partners Financial Planning Advisors Christian Faith

Who We Are Looking For

Advisors Who Want to Continue Their Career

If you are an experienced financial advisor with a Christian world-view, that wants to begin practicing with other like-minded individuals, fill out the contact form below to have someone from the team contact you.

Advisors Who Want to Exit Their Career

If you are a Christian financial advisor that is prioritizing the future stewardship of your clients, and wants to know that other Christian financial advisors would be taking over the care of your clients when you retire, fill out the contact form below to have someone from the team contact you.

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